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Living Faith

Our Mission

Our Mission as a Living Faith church community is 'to communicate the promise of eternal life by the saving grace of God given through our Lord Jesus Christ'. 

Living Faith

Our Vision

Our Vision is 'to bring all people into a growing relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ'. To love with the heart of Christ and serve with the gifts of the Spirit as it is through our Lord Jesus Christ that we are reconciled to God the Father.

The cross is the basic Christian symbol representing the death of Jesus which Christians hold to be the central event in God's plan of salvation to the world.


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Living Faith

Established in 2000

Living Faith congregation was officially formed on April 2, 2000 as an amalgamation between the Lutheran churches of Sandgate and Petrie.

Living Faith

Our History

Living Faith

What we believe

Living Faith

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Living Faith

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

We understand Baptism as being linked to the cross of Jesus. ...