We understand Baptism as being linked to the cross of Jesus and to Jesus himself. So, it's something of a mystery to us. Relationship is a mysterious thing. People who have been happily married for 40 years or more can still observe new things in their partners. People are mysteries. With any  mystery like any person, there is always something more to learn. To be baptised is to be connected to Jesus and God the Father and to the Holy Spirit - this is a mystery of relationship. We use the inherited word Sacrament for Baptism and Holy communion simply because 'sacrament' means mystery.

It is as though the time gap between Jesus' death, resurrection, ascension  and the present moment is rolled up and the benefits of Jesus' dying are for the person being baptized.

We believe it is part of Jesus' command to make disciples, it is a gift given in love (and so we also baptized infants) and is something which needs to be followed by nurture so that the person baptized knows what it is to be and live as a child of God.

Baptism is God's way of saying to you or your child, 'I love you forever'.

If you would like to learn more about Baptism or are interested in having your child/ren baptised please contact the Church Office using our contact form.

Read more about what the Lutheran church believes about Holy Baptism by asking for a brochure from our office. We can email it to you.