Outside School Hours Care

We believe that a student's education is an important and valuable stage in the lifelong learning process. We believe that each student is a unique creation of God and a person loved by God. We aim to encourage and support students and families and to develop their God given talents so that they may shape and enrich their world. A child is a gift from God and we value all children for their uniqueness and view them in the context of their family and within the wider community. Children are influenced by experience with people, places and environments; these all have significant impact on their growth and development. All children need encouragement and deserve respect and all have an ability to learn and learn best when they experience success and take responsibility for their own learning.

All staff work together with a shared vision and common core belief to provide a caring and nurturing homelike environment. We are committed to policies and share practices that support the relationship between families and staff with a program that is safe and provides opportunities for individuals to develop a meaningful awareness of the love of God and of their own world.

As a community we are guided by core values and we strive to reflect the characteristics of God, especially love, justice, compassion, forgiveness, patience and service. As carers we see ourselves as guardians of childhood and children's natural interests, and partners with families and community.

We acknowledge and celebrate the expertise of parents/carers and encourage families to participate in the centre's planning, programs and operations at a level that suits them.

We believe that communication is an essential component of a successful program. We offer opportunity for the expression of feelings, needs, wants, opinions and the sharing of decision making.. Phone: 3385 0394 Email: livingfaith.oshc@qlecs.org.au