connect in

To connect in at any congregation is to choose to do life together and to committ to a better understanding of God and one another. Jesus said that we are to love God and our neighbour as we love ourselves. Relationships are the essence of life's  journey, don't you think?

We believe that to identify with a church community and connect in is a good thing to do, rather than to just drift. Choosing to connect in can give us a sense of belonging. It is in community that character is developed and our souls are expanded so we become more tomorrow than we are today.

We invite you to do life together with us at Living Faith.

To join our church you are encouraged to make your desire known. We would encourage you to do a 'Making Connections' course to help you understand these things more.

Making Connections:

You and God
How does God see me?
How do I see God?

Making Connections: The Christian Faith from a Lutheran Perspective, is a basic course held at Living Faith Church. 

There is no cost for this course. Sessions: 5 x 2 hour sessions.

For more information and to register please phone the Church Office. Alternatively, you may wish to email us using our contact form.

Living Faith Lutheran Church loves welcoming new people into fellowship and sharing the experience of being God's people.