What We Believe

Living Faith Lutheran Church, Murrumba Downs, is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church of Australia (LCA), and adheres to the LCA's doctrinal teachings.

As Lutherans, we also have a special relationship with Lutheran Churches across the world.

What Is a Lutheran?

The Lutheran Church has its origins in the 16th century when Martin Luther became critical of things that were currently happening in the Church.

His study of Scripture led him to see that our salvation is not something we can earn by our merit or the goodness of our lives, but is a free gift given by a gracious God, received in faith.

Luther himself always thought of the church as being Christ's, but the name "Lutheran" was given to his followers and has stuck ever since.

Lutherans hold these things to be true:

That salvation is through Christ alone.

That God is the focus of everything for the Christian, not us and our own activities, worship, good living. GRACE (God's underserved love) is the key message of the Gospel.

That Scripture is the source of our knowledge of God's revelation of himself.

That we are, at the same time, saint because of Jesus' redeeming work, and sinner, constantly in need of forgiveness and that these two are in tension with each other.

That every believer is able to learn from Scripture, forgive sins and be forgiven, approach God in prayer and be a "minister" of the Gospel.

That God is at work in the world both in wanting to bring people to himself and in using established orders (eg. Government) to bring peace and order on his behalf.

The "Lutheran" in Living Faith Lutheran Church identifies the way we see God and our relationship to him and influences the way we live out that faith. It defines our origins and our connections.

Visit www.lca.org.au for more information on Lutheran theology and doctrination and what current resources are available to you.