men's Ministry

At Living Faith we endeavour to treat and accept all blokes equally whether they are boys, teenagers or men.  There is a part of every bloke's life that is worth hearing and sharing.

The men's ministry at Living Faith hold various activities throughout the year, but one in particular that is ongoing is the Shed Happens.

Shed Happens on the first Monday of each calendar month (March to December) between 6.30pm and 8.30pm.  At this event a large number of Living Faith blokes gather together with those from other walks of life, 'hang out' and swap stories over a freshly cooked burger over the BBQ.

To make it even easier the men consistently meet at the Living Faith campus - 50-60 Brays Road, Murrumba Downs.  At this event, various guest speakers are invited to chat about their own personal issues of manhood, struggles and triumphs in life.

Shed Mission Statement

Shed Happens in a safe and non-judgmental place:

A place where blokes can grow in victory becoming champion sons of the King.

A place where we call it as it is from the heart – good, bad, happy or sad. Stuff is 'shed'!

A place where men learn from men as "iron sharpens iron".

A place where men learn to encourage each other

A place where men's emotions, heads, hearts, souls and spirits are gently warmed.

Out of Shed champion sons of the King emerge as continuing works in progress. Past battles are healed in victory – wow! Enjoy our journey with Jesus so that we can become the real deal Champion we were created to be.

A helpful note of confession:

'Shedding the stuff .... that you may be healed' (James 5:16)

"Confession that breaks the shroud of our secrecy and leads us out into the open before God and a group of significant other people will liberate us from fear and guilt in a way that nothing else can. I am persuaded that healing and redemption depends much more upon what we say about ourselves to others, significant others, than upon what others (no matter how highly trained or untrained, ordained or unordained) say to us.The professional listener can't help us too much because our confession to them is secret."

(From You Can Win Over Weariness by Ross Foley)

Blokie Version:

We need to spill our guts and drop off our masks so that we can become the real deal before the 'Big Fella' in the safe place of the Shed with the 'men of the village'. These blokes will help us be free from fear and guilt big time and the healing process can begin.

To find out more information please visit the Shed Happens ministry website.